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MultiVaps is your one stop “Value Added Product” partner

Insure Africa - 2018 - Final - Corrected Colours

"Body Care” for all those insightful dents, chips and scratches that accumulate on your vehicle. We offer the convenience of a mobile repair as well as the thoroughness of a panel beater.


 “Warranties” We offer various warranties for peace of mind motoring in case of unwanted mechanical failure. Not only holds it the benefit of getting your vehicle running again, it also insures roadside assistance to get you safely home.


 “Flick-it” one device to replace all of your remotes.
Why not let your car open your
gate and garage?

Flick-It provides piece of technology which,
when installed in your vehicle, opens the motorized gate and/or
door by just a flick of your vehicle lights.


Should you require medical help after an accident, Accident Angels ensure that the best possible care at private hospitals is no longer out of reach


 “Claims Experts” let us help take the headache out of all your legislation need with supporting and guiding you with your claims from the Road Accidents Fund.